Lanxi green building new building materials co., LTD., is a collection of exterior line design, production, sales, installation in one integrated enterprise. Companies in the advanced foreign technology digestion and fusion, GRC cement production line, high strength cement plaster EPS lines and flexible plaster EPS line such as many lines, artifacts and embossed series products.
"Sharp tools make good work", in order to meet the high quality, high precision, high efficiency production requirements, the company independent development for building exterior wall decoration of the complete set of automatic production line, automatic production line mainly dry powder mixer, automatic powder mixer, hand mixer, CNC engraving machine, CNC cutting machine, circular arc, wipe blade machine, end machine and other related products. With foam machinery for many years of production experience, equipment is in accordance with the high standard design and manufacturing, quality, high precision, easy to operate. At present, the company has export more sets of production line to the united Arab emirates, Saudi Arabia, Spain and other countries. Agreed by users, to give a high evaluation.
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Door/Window Trims
Cornice Moulding
Arc/ Column
Angle Profiles/ Key Stone
FOAM 3D/Sculpture Reliefs
Facade Cladding
Foam Different Packing (without mold)
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